George Meyrick's sculpture exhibition "Wedge"

George Meyrick’s exhibition “Wedge” is at Matthew Houlding’s gallery and this is the final Saturday you can see it. 

George’s sculpture consists of exquisitely made, abstract shapes in the form of triangles. He uses paint and sometimes cord to create installations that seem to defy gravity. The colours are chosen in relation to the site. Each piece is made with perfection which encourages you to think only of them as pure form.

We went to the Private View which was so crowded we could hardly get around and could not really engage with the work for saying hi to only half the throng. Then later, we revisited on a quiet day, conducive to reflection, and could appreciate the sculptural forms. I found looking at them, with strong light shining down into the mill, that I became much more aware of spatial dimensions. The linear cord installation adopted transparent planes, the finely wrought triangles with painted shapes were oxymoronic, confusing the eye yet simplifying space.

Get to see this if you can. George’s work is on show at Studio 2, Robinwood Mill, Burnley Rd, Todmorden OL14 8JA. The times are from 12pm to 5pm this 27th July.