Foldworks is based at Nanholme Mill, Springside near Hebden Bridge, in what was a nineteenth century cotton mill, situated between the Rochdale Canal and the River Calder. Nanholme Mill was famed for its prolific production of “Jeans, Dongarees and Bedford cords” (according to the original poster advertising the mill’s products) for over a hundred years. 

The Mill is also home to Arc Poetry Press and other creative enterprises.

 A view of the Calder valley circa 1920 with Nanholme Mill in the foreground.

A view of the Calder valley circa 1920 with Nanholme Mill in the foreground.


Foldworks is an independant arts space offering photography and printmaking courses, events and debate. Resident  artists and photographers Kate Mellor AND Charlie Meecham  have their own well-established practices in the fields of photography, printmaking and fine-art. They are committed to socially engaged, critical arts practices and interchanges as demonstrated in long careers as independent artists and university teachers. Through their professional enterprises, they provide bespoke archive quality fine art print for portfolio and exhibition to national and international artists, galleries and museums.


Foldworks run courses for small groups in photography. One to one teaching is key to our educational philosophy, as is the value of group and peer exchange of ideas and experience.

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Fold is a working studio, print facility and darkroom. We have the most update digital pre-print and print output equipment: Hasselblad flextight film scanner, A3 flatbed scanners A1+ and A0+ Epson large format ink-jet printers, Apple Macs and all associated software.

We have a wet process darkroom facilitating 35mm to 5x4 large-format printing with multi-grade head Devere enlargers and a cold cathode black & white variable contrast enlarger. There is tray processing for fibre based and resin coated papers up to 20”x16” and a 16” dry-to-dry machine processor for black & white and C-Type colour resin coated prints.

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We have individual film tank developing from 35mm to 120 and deep tank developing for 35mm up to 5x4 large format negatives. We have alternative / historical process facilities including a large format (A1) UV exposure unit suitable for making large negatives and positives for cyanotypes, sun prints and platinum printing. There is a photographic studio on site with backdrops, copy stand and 4 studio flash lights.

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Foldworks is situated in the majestic, sometimes uncompromising landscape of the South Pennines close to Hebden Bridge between the cities of Manchester and Leeds. Foldworks takes advantage of the immediate environment. Its location provides material and ideas for making work and generating conversations linking the landscape to broader issues and contexts. Foldworks’ setting provides immediate and easy access to wild open moorlands and deep, post-industrial valleys. 

 Winter, Nanholme Mill

Winter, Nanholme Mill

Fold produces exhibitions, hosts talks and events that debate and connect to many aspects of visual culture and ideas of location and identity.