Dr Charlie Meecham

Born in Oxfordshire in 1950 I grew up in a rural environment the experience of which has underpinned subsequent personal projects all my life. Alongside the picture taking I have extensive experience in photographic processes, which include film and digital technologies, and my personal work reflects an interest in photographic history and discourse.  The early processing work included large format colour materials and Dye Transfer before settling on Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome), C-type, and most recently large format digital ink-jet.  I have shared this knowledge through teaching photography at colleges and universities in the UK and through running workshops and am now currently at Foldworks.

Alongside these activities I also print for a number of established artists and also for those at an early stage in their professional careers.  I continue to work on self-initiated projects and have recently been awarded a PhD for published work focused on the Oldham Road Rephotography Project which is placed with Gallery Oldham.

My current projects include The Dodo Project as part of a new show I'm curating called Modelling The Animal, which includes the work of Liza Dracup, Terence Wright and Kate Mellor and John Darwell.  I am also back photographing woods which is part of a concern I share about how we interact with our surroundings in an increasingly urbanised environment. This is 'work in progress' so I don't as yet have a title for that. Other ongoing projects include a series about themed French roundabouts, and more Dodos when I discover them... (for further details google Dodoquest Charlie Meecham).