I Promise to Bear the Payer

I Promise to Bear the Payer


Original design and print in an edition of 50. Each Tee shirt is individually numbered and handprinted by the artist.

I Promise to Bear the Payer is reversal of I Promise to Pay the Bearer the statement which is printed on every British bank note. The reversal was inspired by the collapse of the British Banking sector in 2008 and the bail out by the state and its citizens. It commemorates all those collapses subsequently and those yet to come. 

The design is available in black or dark blue. White tee shirt only, universal fit. Available in S, M, L, XL.

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Ethically sourced and produced tee shirts using low environmental impact materials. Manufacturers are certified in the ethical treatment of workers. We only use water based organic inks. More information and certifications avaliable on request.