Introduction to Silk Screen Printing – Hand Made

A two day course

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th July

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This two day course, introduces hand made silk screen techniques. Utilising drawing, stencil cutting and paint techniques to create unique art works, which are carried through to an edition of silk screen prints. Suitable for beginners and for those with experience of silk screen methods. This is ideal for artists and makers who wish to extend their drawing, painting and graphics practice and knowledge. It enables the transformation of unique works of art into editions of prints, opening up new avenues for the distribution and sale of your art works.

The course includes:

Introductory presentation on artists and designers use of silk screen processes.

Introduction to and development of hand drawn positives, using a rage of materials and mark making techniques.

Hand cut stencil-making techniques. Hand painted positives.

Screen prep, coating and exposure,

Application of hand cut stencils.

Multi colour, registration techniques, colour mixing, experimental squeegee techniques.

The creation of an edition of silk screen prints.

All materials are provided. You may bring along any extra drawing materials, providing they are light fast should you wish to.Whilst aprons and protective gloves will be provided, please wear practical studio clothing, as you may get ink on your self!

Introduction to Silkscreen Printing: 


A two day course

Saturday 21st  - Sunday 22nd July


Saturday 25th  - Sunday 26th August

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An introduction to Silk Screen printing using combinations of photo source material and scanning hand made art-work. Appropriate for both photographers and print makers.

The course will commence with a short presentation on the history and uses of photo based silk screen media. Using the immediate environment both inside and outside the studio as source material you will generate a series of prints. Starting with drawing media and photographic source material, web sources, to explore subject matter, the workshop will develop and discuss the use of tonality, half tones, digital/photographic positives discussed in relation to content/subject matter. The processes taught and explored will include scanning, creating half tone positives, colour grounds, spot colour, coating and exposing screens and registration. 

There is always plenty of free tea, coffee and biscuits. However, we can’t offer lunch so please bring a packed lunch.

Whilst aprons and protective gloves will be provided, please wear practical studio clothing, as you may get ink on your self!