Introduction to black & white photography: film and darkroom

Introduction to black & white photography: film and darkroom

This course will introduce you to the processes of traditional black and white photography including exposure, processing film and making prints in the darkroom.

2-day course

Saturday 6th August – Sunday 7th August

Saturday 20th August – Sunday 21st August

We will begin the course with a brief presentation on a history of landscape photography and themes in contemporary practice. This will give you inspiration and a context before spending some time as a group photographing in the nearby landscape. You will also be introduced to the functions of the camera including exposing film correctly. You may bring your own camera but please ensure that it has an auto and a manual setting. If you don’t have your own camera, we can provide one.

After lunch you will be shown how to load film into a dark tank and to hand develop your film. At the start of the second day you will be introduced to the enlarger and produce a contact sheet of your film using the dry-to-dry paper machine to process your test strips and contact sheet.

Having considered selections for enlargement from your contact sheet you will spend some time learning and refining your enlarging and tray developing techniques.

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