Summer / Autumn courses programme - July, August, September

Fold delivers to small groups up to a maximum of 6 students for each photography and printmaking course. One to one teaching in a supportive and informal surrounding is key to our educational philosophy, as is the value of group and peer exchange of ideas and experience.

We wish to encourage the ‘folding’ of practices of photography into printmaking, print into photography and traditional media into digital technologies.

We are not only interested in the teaching and sharing of skills in photography and print for beginners and advanced participants, we also wish to encourage debate, analysis and criticism of the representation of space, place and subjectivity.

All our courses start at 10.00am and finish at 5.00pm with a 1-hour break for lunch. There is always plenty of free tea, coffee and biscuits. However, we can’t offer lunch so please bring a packed lunch.

Student numbers limited to 6 for all courses.
Unless otherwise stated.

Facilities and Equipment

Fold is a working studio, print facility and darkroom. We have the most update digital pre-print and print output equipment: Hasselblad flextight film scanner, A3 flatbed scanners A1+ and A0+ Epson large format ink-jet printers, Apple Macs and all associated software.

We have a wet process darkroom facilitating 35mm to 5x4 large-format printing with multi-grade head Devere enlargers and a cold cathode black & white variable contrast enlarger. There is tray processing for fibre based and resin coated papers up to 20”x16” and a 16” dry-to-dry machine processor for black & white resin coated prints.

We have individual film tank developing from 35mm to 120 and deep tank developing for 35mm up to 5x4 large format negatives. We have alternative / historical process facilities including a large format (A1) UV exposure unit for making large negatives and positives for cyanotypes, sun prints and platinum printing. There is a photographic studio on site with backdrops, copy stand and 4 studio flash lights.

Our printmaking studio has a Harry F Rochat 26" floor standing etching press, hotplate, acid etch, 2 x A1 silkscreen printing beds, a darkroom with an A1 size UV exposure unit, screen coating and stencil wash-out facility.


1-day courses £95.00, including all materials.
2-day courses £180.00, including all materials.
Unless otherwise stated.
Whilst aprons and protective gloves will be provided, please wear practical studio / darkroom clothing, you may get ink, developer or fixer on your self!

You can book your place on courses by email or phone:

Telephone: 01706 813264

2-day course
Saturday 6th August – Sunday 7th August
Saturday 20th August – Sunday 21st August

Introduction to black & white photography: film and darkroom

This course will introduce you to the processes of traditional black and white photography including exposure, processing film and making prints in the darkroom.
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2-day course
Saturday 29th October – Sunday 30th October

Advanced Photography Fibre Paper Print Workshop

A course designed to introduce you to advanced archival fibre printing techniques
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1-day course.
Saturday 1st October.

Large Format Digital Print for Exhibition and Portfolio

An advanced course in archival printing for photographers and artists
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1-day course
Sunday 16th July

Introduction to Silk Screen 1 - Hand Processes

An introduction to silk screen printing using hand made processes.
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2-day course
Saturday 10th September - Sunday 11th September

Introduction to Hand Etching 1

An introduction to traditional etching techniques.
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2-day course
Friday 30th July - Saturday 1st October

‘Making Place’ Natural Dyes and Mordant Prints for Textiles

This course will use the landscape around Fold’s Nanholme Mill location as inspiration for textile-based work.
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2-day course
Saturday 9th July - Sunday 10th July

Introduction to Dry Point and Surface Print

An introduction to hands on surface print processes.
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2-day course
Thursday 21st July - Friday 22nd July

Introduction to Silk-screen 2 – Photo-processes

An introduction to Silk Screen printing using combinations of photo source material and scanning hand made art-work. Appropriate for both photographers and print makers.
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2-day course
Saturday 27th August – Sunday 28th August

Introduction to Silk-screen 3 – Photo-processes

An introduction to Silk Screen printing using CMYK four colour separation positives, combinations of photo source material and or scanning hand made art-work. Appropriate for both photographers and print makers.
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