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Fold is based at Nanholme Mills, Springside near Hebden Bridge, in what was a mid-nineteenth century cotton mill, squeezed between the Rochdale Canal and the River Calder. Nanholme Mills was famed for its prolific production of “Jeans, Dongarees and Bedford cords” (according to the original poster advertising the mill’s products) for over a hundred years.

Fold People

Fold is a public arts space offering photography and printmaking courses, events and debate. Fold’s resident artists and photographers Kate Mellor, Charlie Meecham, Colin Lloyd and Simon Ford have their own well-established practices in the fields of photography, printmaking and fine-art.
They are committed to socially engaged, critical arts practices and interchanges as demonstrated in long careers as independent artists and university teachers. Through their social enterprises, they provide bespoke archive quality fine art print for portfolio and exhibition to national and international artists, galleries and museums.


Fold runs courses for small groups in photography and printmaking. One to one teaching is key to our educational philosophy, as is the value of group and peer exchange of ideas and experience.
We wish to encourage the ‘folding’ of practices of photography into printmaking, print into photography and traditional media into digital technologies.
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Geography, Topography, History: a Special Location

Fold is situated in the majestic, sometimes uncompromising landscape of the South Pennines close to Hebden Bridge between the cities of Manchester and Leeds. Fold takes advantage of the immediate environment.
Its location provides material and ideas for making work and generating conversations linking the landscape to broader issues and contexts. Fold’s setting provides immediate and easy access to wild open moorlands and deep, post-industrial valleys.

Landscape, Geo-politics, Representation, Debate

We are particularly interested in the theories and debates of the geo-political and the production of subjectivities set against landscapes of de-industrialisation and subsequent cognates: tourism, leisure, heritage, globalisation and environmentalism. Fold is sited in such a landscape and occupies the tensions prevalent in post-industrial spaces; inherent tensions between the forces of nature and global free market economics.

Fold was very recently a causality of the catastrophic consequences of extreme weather, our facility devastated by the highest flood level in recorded history, a result of the increasingly accepted evidence of the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere.

We are interested in the attendant debates and issues of representing such global phenomena, its processes and consequences.



Fold produces exhibitions, hosts talks and events that debate and connect to many aspects of visual culture and ideas of location and identity. We will also aim to be active contributors to much wider social and cultural issues that are defined by place and recognition.
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Fold staff short biographies

Dr Charlie Meecham

Charlie has extensive experience in photographic processes, which include film and digital technologies, and his personal work reflects an interest in photographic history and discourse. His early processing work included large format colour materials and Dye Transfer before settling on Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome), C-type, and most recently large format digital ink-jet. He has consistently shared his knowledge through teaching photography at universities in the UK.
He prints for a number of established artists and also for those emerging in their professional careers.

He continues to work on self-initiated projects and has recently been awarded a PhD for published work focused on the Oldham Road Rephotography Project which is placed with Gallery Oldham.

He has exhibited extensively in the UK and also internationally. Example images from former projects can be seen on

Colin Lloyd

Is an artist, curator and lecturer in art practice and theory, concerned with art as a social practice and the possibilities which emerge through different subjects coming together within collective production. He has worked nationally and internationally in the US, SA, India, Bangladesh and many European countries, on both individual and group projects.
Whilst his technical and theoretical specialism is in print-making and wider reproducible media, his own practice encompasses a wide range of media and is dependent upon the concepts which underpin particular projects and contexts. He lectures at undergraduate and post graduate levels, formerly course leader in MA Printmaking at Bradford Art School, he currently teaches on the Visual Arts programme at the University of Salford.

Dr Kate Mellor

Is a well-established fine art photographer who has worked for commissions, residencies and fellowships internationally. Her solo exhibitions have toured widely throughout Europe and further afield including the USA and Middle East. Her work reflects a particular interest in constructions of landscape in the medium. She has extensive experience teaching photographic workshops in galleries and community organisations and has been a lecturer in photography at UK universities and colleges.
Her last post was as tutor in photography at the Bradford Media School, Bradford University. She has a BA and MA in photography and her PhD at the University of Ulster explored questions on the image of architecture in photographs. Her other research interests include the domestic and animal studies. She has presented her work and research papers at photographic and academic conferences including “Visualizing the City,” Brooklyn, New York, “Work,” University of Jyväskylä, Finland and “Still Architecture,” Cambridge, UK.

Simon Ford

Is currently associate lecturer in Fine Art and theoretical studies on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Bradford School of Art. He has taught a variety of visual disciplines at BA and MA level including photography, graphics and fine art at a number of UK universities: the University of Salford; the University of South Wales; Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of Bradford.

He started his teaching career in community and gallery arts education, initially at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and later at Ffotogallery, The Centre for Photography in Wales.

He has a degree in Photography, Film and Video and an MA in Photographic Studies: practice and theory. He is currently a PhD research student in the Visual Cultures dept., Goldsmiths, University of London.

He has exhibited widely including the National Museum of Wales, the Museums and Galleries of Merseyside, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham and the Holden Gallery, Manchester.

More recently in the ‘Ways of Looking’ Photography festival initiated by Impressions Gallery, Bradford, an installation exhibited at Gallery II. He has been awarded a number of grants and bursaries (Arts Council England and Arts Council Wales). He has recently written and illustrated with photographs a collaborative book chapter (with Steve Hanson) titled: ‘New and Accurate and Maps of the Island’ a survey of English identity post 2015 general election and a journal article on representing immaterial global finance titled ‘Allegories of Capital’ an article he also illustrated with photomontages.